Toys Cambodia is a vendor  of curricula that have been written, tested, and developed in Cambodia. Many schools buy curricula from English speaking countries and try to integrate them into their Cambodian schools but with limited success. 

We have partnered with Liberty Education(LED) to bring the first comprehensive curricula tailor-made for Cambodian learners of ESL to those seeking an alternative to the curricula created in other countries where the context and challenges are quite different. 

After evaluating all the teaching aids and commercial products in the marketplace LIS found what was on offer to be sub-standard. LIS felt that the off-the-shelf products were lacking as they were created for different markets. For example,  in the realm of SE Asian ESL we have many tonal languages. The Vietnamese and Thais have different struggles based on their tones. However, the Filipinos, whose alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet, exhibit a high degree of fluency owing to their own language and alphabet being phonetically and literally close to English. Thus, after weighing all the options, and seeing the outcomes with different populations throughout Cambodia, LED decided to create  curricula tailored to Khmer speakers learning ESL. 

Liberty Education's textbooks series is one of the first available for licensing in Cambodia that were crafted for Khmer learners of ESL.

We will arrange printing with your school's logo featured prominently on the cover of the books.